TPG - Terrible, Poor Gaming

TPG is a huge unnecessary liability, the first problem I encountered was speed and deception. On the TPG website, it says my ms was 18 and that everything was ok, but when I go on any… Read full review
I am very disappointed with there service
Waiting for last three week to get internet connection calling them every day but still, no solution don't get in there trap Read full review
Absolutely useless company!! I would not recommend to anyone! The internet keeps going down at my house and I have had 2 technicians out that have detected problems and 'fixed them' the last one said just get another modem. They… Read full review
Thought NBN supposed to be better than ADSL but with iiNet, even worse, slow, cut off way too often. Not recommended. Read full review
Hi, I don't even know what tier I'm on, but I choose the most expensive plan... and I still get buffering, I have fibre to the premises not to the node so I should have good service, however when watching… Read full review
I have been with iiNet for 12 years, but won't be much longer. I am clearly loyal and know them well, so this is a review you can believe. They used to be great, truly great. They were well-known for… Read full review
We once went away from Telstra because they could not come out for 2 weeks to connect us at our new house - Optus did it the next day. Then we shifted again years later and became a Telstra customer… Read full review
ADSL - absolute shocking connection speeds. Constantly dropping out. Constant call outs reveal constant faults that never seem to be fixed. Telstra customer service is deplorable and not even Australian based or supporting our economy. Worst company in Australia -… Read full review
I don't recommend anyone to use this service as my partner and I have had non stop trouble with them, they have abused me and noty allowing me to have a phone because I'm currently "homeless" which that's so rude… Read full review
I wish I never signed up with these clowns. When I first signed up I had no internet for 6 weeks and they tried to charge for it!!! I’m sorry I signed up for an24 month contract because the service… Read full review
We started off with ADSL, of which we had an outage for 2 weeks, which they did not seem to be in a hurry off to recover, nor to refund. Then the month after a random guy showed up to… Read full review
This is a trash! Super slow and completely different to what they claim on the advertisement. Always disconnected for no reason. The worst NBN! Read full review
Took a while to fix. At least they did something about it. Will see on our bill is they charged us for those days that it wasn't working. I guess it's cause we had existing issues with our NBN which… Read full review
Speed is reasonable but lots of dropouts. Checking our cable now but not happy in the meantime. We actually had better service with adsl. Read full review
Worst company EVER. BEWARE OF OPTUS. They steal your money, the internet connection is awful. You do not get what you pay for. Have had someone come to the house about 3 times to fix it and nothing has changed.… Read full review
they over charged me consistently, the worst was $94 / month, far over what I expected when I left TPG, same same slow ADSL2+, bad service, not happy.
Read full review
We had NBN (FTTP) with them. Since they were cheap, we went with them for 4 years on speed1 (up to 12mbps). We're happy as long as we have internet since we had heaps of trouble setting up the internet.… Read full review
ive been a customer for about 3 years and basically been spoken to rudely been treated unfairly and not getting my moneys worth each month as they disconnect on a regular basis and the service from customer care is appaling… Read full review
We joined vivid about 3 months ago, because we got sick and tired of waiting for NBN in our area. The setup process was relatively simple for us. We bought a modem from The Good Guys outright. Once home, the… Read full review
i live in Sydney city and i get full signal. Internet is fast and i recommend anyone. I get speed of around 10mbps. If you want to download torrent i would recommend to do it over the night time. Its… Read full review
I installed vividwireless 4G network broadband connection some 10 days ago. The network comes and go. It is not stable. The speed also fluctuates. And sometimes it is good for laptop but not on mobile phone. I need to reset… Read full review
The worst isp provider

Sign up if you want to be Without internet for weekends

5 days to restoration, not yet fixed

Hopeless technical support who rely on Telstra - don’t even have good relationship with Telstra as they cannot escalate… Read full review
Hi. We have two properties both connected to the NBN. I decided on the Mates Yeah Mates NBN 50Mbps service for one of them as I wanted to give it a try and as there are no contracts, I thought… Read full review
I switched from SkyMesh to Mate Communicate to get a better deal on unlimited NBN. The price was good and the package offered was competitive. I liked that they had an Australian customer service team and promised fantastic overall service.… Read full review