Goiko Llobet The most unprofessional company ever!! AVOID!! Three times the technician came to my house to instal my broadband. At last they do so, and they forgot to send the modem (the guy at the phone told me it… Read full review
I gave very clear instructions to send my modem to my office and not to my home because I will be interstate on the day of delivery. They ignored it, sent it to my home with no one around, and… Read full review
Absolutely pain to deal with, very rude customer service!! You will spend hours on the phone just to solve one small problem they will transfer you back and forth totally a joke! I quit with them because they didn't lodge… Read full review
My internet isn't working. I called on 16th Feb (call number 314947225) to complain, called again on 20th March to complain (call number 314597469), called on 18th April (call number 317404644), called on 20th September (no call reciept provided) called… Read full review
My services on internet when watch tube continually freezes lose my programme. my mobile phone services has reduced not an avid user but now continually warned used 100%. NBN has been a nightmare. They do not help when you ring… Read full review
Technical support is a joke. Jon’s for South Africans that have no knowledge and I can’t even understand them sometimes. They get you to do all the work and then give you the options of paying for a technician if… Read full review
Dealing or calling Telstra, is like having a tooth extracted. I know I have to do it. But I’ll put it off for as long as possible knowing the pain it’s going to cause me. If your like me and… Read full review
Have been with telstra for 6 months on the cable broadband.
For 6 months I have barely used any internet.
It's consistently dropping out or no connection.
For crying out loud we do not live in a third world country to have these… Read full review
Our broadband worked perfectly. Easy to change settings, no issues.
Being forced to change to NBN we made the change over.
Their all singing and dancing Netgear modem is useless.
To modify settings takes forever and often will reset back to the previous… Read full review
STAY well away from belong , they took small amount money out of my account each month with out my permission and without any notice no message no mms and no written arthurisation I had to block them from my… Read full review
Belong is the worst provider possible, I had my service “connected” on the 31st on August , 12 days later and my Internet has never worked I have been on the phone to belong’s sad joke of a support network… Read full review
One word, awesome.
If you're looking to start off with a mobile service, feel free to use code IAFWXBSG5 for a free $20.00 credit.
Literally just get their $10.00 a month plan, you won't be disappointed. Read full review
service is beyond acceptable. The amount of resources optus wastes to not even provide a service is incomprehensible. There is no bright future for Optus. Incompetent company that can not follow systemic flow. Coverage = average. Read full review
Internet extremally slow and doesn't work during peak times. Even to do simple things like search thing on the internet Read full review
I relocated my Optus NBN service and I was assured my service would be activated on the date I had booked in using the online service. The account appeared to be activated and then was working. Without any communication from… Read full review
We joined Dodo 9 months ago after having a terrible service with Telstra where our NBN would stop every month and it would take an hour on the phone with them to fix. Have only had 1 problem with Dodo… Read full review
they over charged me consistently, the worst was $94 / month, far over what I expected when I left TPG, same same slow ADSL2+, bad service, not happy.
Read full review
We had NBN (FTTP) with them. Since they were cheap, we went with them for 4 years on speed1 (up to 12mbps). We're happy as long as we have internet since we had heaps of trouble setting up the internet.… Read full review
I joined vivid about 6 months ago, because there were no NBN in our area. The setup process was quite simple for us. I bought a modem from The Optus store outright. The process to set it up took less… Read full review
I have been using it for more than 6 months now. Never had a problem. My family and I take it everywhere we go, and the download speed is amazing as Optus pretty much covers anywhere within Australia. The customer… Read full review
I joined vivid about 3 months ago, because there were no NBN in our area. The setup process was quite simple for us. I bought a modem from The Optus store outright. The process to set it up took less… Read full review
Signed up with Mate after all the wonderful reviews that I read online (through the mate website). Thought it would be a straight forward connection. Have been charged for the first month, however do not have internet access yet for… Read full review
The worst isp provider

Sign up if you want to be Without internet for weekends

5 days to restoration, not yet fixed

Hopeless technical support who rely on Telstra - don’t even have good relationship with Telstra as they cannot escalate… Read full review
Hi. We have two properties both connected to the NBN. I decided on the Mates Yeah Mates NBN 50Mbps service for one of them as I wanted to give it a try and as there are no contracts, I thought… Read full review