Don't mind the internet speeds but customer service is appalling. There's been an NBN outage in my area for almost a week. I was promised updates to restoration and have received no call or email. Nbn came back on last… Read full review
Good isp and provider and would recommend for many home with nbn.....?................................ Read full review
Don't Do It - Research a different company. TPG's customer service is awful, initial connection takes forever (which they don't tell you about, mind you you still pay for this unconnected time). They don't care about you or their service… Read full review
Warning to any potential iinet customers stay well clear of this internet provider.
When I first signed up had the best speeds ever!
6 months in they slowed me down.
And now after a year and 4 months I get frequent drop outs… Read full review
We were told it would take up to 5days to receive our order of NBN and fetch tv. It's now been 6wks!!! I have emailed to complain and received no answer. I've phoned 5 times each time. We are told… Read full review
Not happy with iinet sales process. Moved house so they did a callback on our move date to start the 3-7 business day process. Then over the phone I said I don't want the extra channels which is one of… Read full review
We’ve been disappointed by the speed of ADSL. It’s been running approximately 2 mbps when it should be 14. We called Belong who sent out a technician only to discover that Belong wouldn’t be able to fix the problem and… Read full review
Worst internet service provider. Activation took 1 month. I am paying for 50 mbps, actual speed is 6 mbps when i do speed test. Better to avoid Belong Read full review
Worst customer service I’ve ever received. Called belong regarding a few issues I had but was brushed off and told a different story.
All these promotional codes you find online don’t apply so beware. Support is so crap, they offered… Read full review
Since before 2015 my broadband connection (initially ADSL) was plagued by frequent disconnections and slow speeds.
After many calls to tech support Telstra sent out a technician who found no faults at our premises. In the following 12 months we had… Read full review
I have a prepaid sim which I rarely use, that's where I assume they got my mobile number. In the last two weeks they have called me 20(!!!) times from different numbers trying to sell me packages, I've asked to… Read full review
Worst experience ever .
After 4 &a half months and spending more than 15 hours and talking to countless consultants , complaint managers and finally nbnco I have had enough with Telstra .
1st they installed my NBN box in my next… Read full review
Absolute joke. CONSTANT issues with them, both with the WiFi and mobile. Their staff (if they can speak English) are SO rude. It’s been one issue after another, from their WiFi never working or being so slow it’s useless to… Read full review
I have been without broadband now for almost 4 months. Optus decided on Jan 7 that they should cancel my service after my ex decided to annoy me by requesting the service be cancelled or transferred. She was not living… Read full review
Optus are nothing but a bunch of muppets!! Never again wouldn’t recommend to ANYONE! Our internet drops out 5 times a week and when it is working is extreamly slow! So we called to try and fix the issue we… Read full review
Was always with Dodo even before changing to NBN. Told them i wanted to port my old number to the new line. And of course they didn't do that, and they cancelled the old service before they could port the… Read full review
if you have age parents , dont let them have anything to do with this company , you typical money grabing scammers ,totaly discusted with there ethics and it will only be a matter of time someone dies from not… Read full review
No Service Provided. I had someone call me from Dodo offering all kinds of goodies to have me transfer to NBN. None did i receive. I told them i was oversea and just wait until I get back. When arriving… Read full review
I joined vivid about 6 months ago, because there were no NBN in our area. The setup process was quite simple for us. I bought a modem from The Optus store outright. The process to set it up took less… Read full review
I have been using it for more than 6 months now. Never had a problem. My family and I take it everywhere we go, and the download speed is amazing as Optus pretty much covers anywhere within Australia. The customer… Read full review
I joined vivid about 3 months ago, because there were no NBN in our area. The setup process was quite simple for us. I bought a modem from The Optus store outright. The process to set it up took less… Read full review
Clearly states in the advertisement 0$ sign up fee, its says that early and often. It's not true, they in fact do have a charge of AU$59.00. They get away with it saying it's a pass through charge from Telstra… Read full review
Terrible support no internet for 5 days technician never turned up after waiting all day and then they tell me I wasn’t home complete joke. Now I am expected to take another day off work when they see fit to… Read full review
Since NBN was installed my internet has stopped working. The NBN network and router works perfectly and the technician has been very helpful, on the other hand my router connected to Mate stopped working from installation time. It’s now been… Read full review