I am very happy in my experience using my recently purchased TPG ADSL2+. As a first time user of this ISP, I have been incredibly satisfied and have subsequently encouraged others to invest in this internet solution. The cost was… Read full review
I have been with TPG for three years, the whole time my internet has been incredibly slow. I have complained to TPG many times, and tried their technical support but nothing has helped. Four months ago the Internet speed got… Read full review
I love TPG it was super easy to set up my account, my sim was sent out really quickly and they swapped my number over for me and were really great to chat to on the phone. I'm not on… Read full review
So I recently moved to the Blue Mountains in Western Sydney and we signed up to Foxtel originally for our pay TV and after a few months we saw a cable internet deal that married up with our pay tv… Read full review
I have been a Telstra customer for 3 years since moving out of home. I originally wanted a Cable Broadband service but was told it could not get connected to my townhouse (though it was available). I subsequently had to… Read full review
Signed up to telstra two years ago. Havent had any connection issues and generally run at an average of 10mbs. Never drops out even in storms. Living rural we chose telstra as theyve been known to be more reliable in… Read full review
Joined up with Optus as I was a prepaid mobile customer and got an offer to save $20 off of a mobile plan if I bundled internet with them too. From day one there were issues, instead of putting them… Read full review
I have used a grandfathered Optus ADSL service for 4 years and been delighted with their bundled phone, line and Internet package. I found that they offered a much cheaper bundle than other operators and also offered economical calls including… Read full review
I've been with Optus for several years now and their service is always exceptional. I have never had to contact a team member other than when activating the service. That's incredibly important to me as I run a business from… Read full review
Absolutely the worst!!! Never have i ever been so frustrated and disappointed with anything in my life before.

You want to know how i feel about every aspect of the iinet experience??? I would rather cut my legs off with… Read full review
I have been a long term customer for IInet, perhaps 4+ years. I have found their support to be helpful and their overall service to be great. In 4 years, I have only witnessed one outage on their network. They… Read full review
We have used IINET over the last three years since moving to our house. At the beginning, the service was great. The speed and reliability was good and the technical support was very helpful.

Over the… Read full review
The initial set-up to install my ADSL hardly went smooth. I had to get it done twice before it started working. I had to be on the phone for ages with Dodo while they resolve this issue. With the billing,… Read full review
After hearing many mixed reviews about dodo and there services.

I took a leap of faith. There prices suited my budget perfectly. I signed a 24mth contract and got alot of extras (take advantage of their promos!) Im so happy i… Read full review
We were first hesitant about going with dodo after hearing mixed reviews however we are so happy that we took a chance and ended up signing up with dodo. The Internet speed is awesome hasn't dropped out once since connection… Read full review

So-so. I experienced frequently (at least once a week) a technical "blip" in service from them where the internet would just "drop-off" for about 30 seconds, the then modem would take another 2-odd minutes to fully reconnect. Always happened in… Read full review
I decided to sign up with the Belong service because of its great deal. I am on a 12 month plan, included free delivery, free installation and free modem. I pay $55 and am entitled to 100gb of data usage… Read full review
I signed up with belong as I only needed internet with max 1 year contract and they were cheap for my basic data requirement with no installation fee. Thinking BELONG is the sister company of Telstra, I would expect some… Read full review
Vividwireless overall is a great company and provides great services due to the fact that I receive unlimited wi-fi internet connection for a cheap price of only $80 per month. The connection speed is quite good, although it sometimes lags.… Read full review
I have just successfully installed and running the vividwireless 4g internet, and I'm surprised to say the connection is faster than my old adsl2+ from TPG on the same location. I live about 600+meters away from the 4g tower at… Read full review
Excellent speeds and great coverage. I would recommend vivid wireless to anyone who csnnot get nbn or adsl in the building Read full review
I have been with Vodafone for a little over 3 years now. I have never had a bad experience because the customer service is always very helpful. They always make sure that I have the best deal possible because they… Read full review
I am super happy with my ISP mobile broadband, I have had some great service and coverage using the Vodaphine Mobile broadband. I have not yet had any difficulties or bad experiences using the service however I found it took… Read full review
I used to be client of Virgin mobile. With them I lose connection after I reach my data limit. Then I moved to Vaya. With Vaya my mobile had problems when I made the calls, I was happy with Vaya… Read full review