Rate 0 for everything if I could. Connectivity=rubbish. They couldn't even reconnect me when I moved and expected me to pay for the connection. So I decide to leave them and they slap a $380 fee on me. Absolute joke Read full review
Terrible speeds on a 50mb plan, always dropping out around 5-6 times per day, never notified about a newer plan for same cost but higher speeds. Technical support is terrible. AVOID this company!! I work in IT and this is… Read full review
so bad. internet speed is unreliable, slowing down randomly and speeding up at random times as well. When you need it the most it will shut down on you, believe me it will. So many internet drop outs and back.… Read full review

1. When we signed up with iiNet, the sales staff promised us speeds of 8-20mbps. We're getting mostly no internet and sometimes able to get 0.5mbps (EXTREMELY SLOW)

2. We were promised a credit by 3 staff… Read full review
I've paid for a full month for the unlimitless data option for 69.99. They sent an SMS that it was activated on the 22nd of December 2017. It only started working 5 days later. On Tuesday the 9th of January,… Read full review
iiNet absolute disgrace , no service , no support , be prepared for nerve rucking experience , also if you call customer support - there is a big chance you would not understand a thing , poor English ,no menners… Read full review
I've been dealing with Telstra for many years. When I say many years, I'm talking 10+. Not once have I ended one of those years happy with my service.

I've had unending technical difficulties with these guys, they are hands-down… Read full review
In the past I have had great experiences with Telstra. Turns out that was the exception to the rule. I have never suffered through more stupidity and lack of cohesion leading nowhere.

I was trying to connect broadband. I applied… Read full review
After 9 weeks the 3rd technician is visiting my house to check my internet connection. After dropping speeds to under 2mb and about 15 calls in the last 9 weeks tonight my internet shows speeds of 7 mb again. Tomorrow… Read full review
Worst company I have EVER dealt with. They actively avoid speaking to customers once they have been signed up.Their staff constantly lie and pass you off onto other staff, who tell more lies. PLEASE, PLEASE, don't believe the paid 5… Read full review
I am very happy with my service with Optus. I have my home internet connection with Optus, and have had this for many years. Along with my mobile phone plan. In times where I have called Optus I have always… Read full review
I have been with Optus for a long time with a bundled mobile and broadband package, which I think is great value for money. When I called about NBN a year or so ago, it wasn't available but they ended… Read full review
This has to be the worse internet provider in Australia. I should have listened to the other 2000 bad reviews on this provider.
The internet is so so so sooooo slow and it drops out at least once a minute.… Read full review
Belong - making the National Broadband Network.. Not-Work. This company is a waste of time and money. Search for yourselves for many, many thousands of Australians who have rated it to receive an average of one star (and should probably… Read full review
I signed up to Belong in the belief that, being part of Telstra, they would offer a superior service and quality to other ADSL providers. I was very mistaken, and the following issues are a chronological sequence of all the… Read full review
Misleading and deceptive sales staff. Make promises then don't deliver. My internet was connected 10 days later than promised. Was promised "extras" and never delivered on it. And was charged $300 in extra fees i was never told about.
Would never… Read full review
I am really embarrassed to have falling for such an oblivious scam, if I had asked a few questions they would of said that they can't supply me with ADSL but I didn't and they don't have to tell me… Read full review
Our internet were sometimes slow and sometimes fast. Before we only have ADSL2 at our other house and it's so super slow even though we have restarted it. Now we have NBN in a different suburb and It has improved… Read full review
Vividwireless was a saviour. I was unable to secure an ADSL or ADSL2 port 12 months ago, researched options and found this great company. Pretty simple path to purchase - buy modem from Harvey Norman, take it home, set up… Read full review
The new place i moved in, there was no option for ADSL2+ connection, spent lot of time contacting many different service provider but no one could help. Got to know about VIVID WIRELESS through reference & it resolved all the… Read full review
At our current address we are extremely limited in terms of internet access. We cannot access cable or ADSL (from any provider) therefore our only option was 4G mobile broadband. The only service provider offering an unlimited mobile broadband service… Read full review
Poor customer service from exetel. Went without internet connection for 28 days.. exetel said they would send a technician to my place to fix the issue and we booked a date and time which I took work off for and… Read full review
I live in an area where there are limited options due to the fibres installed by Telstra. Exetel is the only provider I was able to find that could offer an unlimited broadband plan.

Pros: My experience is that the… Read full review
Exetel is a full service no frills operator who offer a more budget technical support in order to maximise the value for money of your internet and phone bundle. I've personally been with Exetel since 2004 and have never had… Read full review