Slow internet speeds mixed with terrible customer support who treat you like children, make TPG the perfect internet provider for anyone who wants to shoot themselves in the head!

They use dodgy internet practices, where if you call them up to… Read full review
Found TPG to be a no fuss with easy to understand plans provider with unlimited at a great price. Been with them for 4 years and had no issues. Read full review
I am super happy with my TPG broadband, I have had some great service and coverage using the TPG broadband. I have not yet had any difficulties or bad experiences using the service however I found it took some time… Read full review
We arrived in Brisbane a month ago and just wanted others who are arriving to know that we had an absolutely terrible experience with trying to get connected to broadband with Telstra, we opted for them as they are the… Read full review
Telstra have provided a decent service in regards to reliability and speed, however they are very expensive and Technical Support is next to nil. When I first setup the service it was fine but about 3 months in the provided… Read full review
So I recently moved to the Blue Mountains in Western Sydney and we signed up to Foxtel originally for our pay TV and after a few months we saw a cable internet deal that married up with our pay tv… Read full review
Where do I start. Took two months to get a home line. Internet is beyond pathetic. Most days speed of 2. Promised high speeds up to 100. Can't even use wifi.
Don't even bother using it during peak time.
Rang technical support… Read full review
Joined up with Optus as I was a prepaid mobile customer and got an offer to save $20 off of a mobile plan if I bundled internet with them too. From day one there were issues, instead of putting them… Read full review
I have used a grandfathered Optus ADSL service for 4 years and been delighted with their bundled phone, line and Internet package. I found that they offered a much cheaper bundle than other operators and also offered economical calls including… Read full review
Very bad customer support. Endless waiting times on hold. Will give you near impossible 'troubleshooting' tasks and still not help. Very unreliable internet connection. Congestion +++. Was with westnet before which was brilliant. Read full review
I am an iiNet customer of 16 years and I recently requested a service relocation due to moving house. I submitted an online request and I did not receive a response for 5 days. When I contacted them by phone,… Read full review
I have been with iiNet for 12.5 years and if you look at prior feedback I have given ...before 12 months...I was always highly appreciative of your service and staff....not now
It takes ages now for call back...all the time.

My latest… Read full review
Terrible treatment of loyal customers. I've moved twice taking dodo with me. $600 setup fees was the latest move installing NBN cable including the modem, the first month up front etc. Didn't mind that. But recently when I haven't had… Read full review
I've been with Dodo since Aug/2016, and it really one of the worst experience I’ve ever been lived, when i bought my ADSL 2 line they told me that i will get a speed of 13Mbps, but unfortunately each time… Read full review
Stay away from these Liars!

I signed up in January for a 24 month ADSL plan. It was reasonably easy and fast to set up. Service has been fast enough for my needs.

My issue with them is they offered me… Read full review
You'd get better service with a potato!

AVOID! DO NOT SIGN UP! I have lodged 2 complaints with the TIO in the past week, my service has only been activated for a week, I ask to talk to supervisors and they… Read full review
Without a doubt one of the worst ISPs I've ever had the misfortune of encountering.
Consistently slow speeds of under 1mbps. The lowest I've recorded is 0.04mbps. With a promise of 20mbps, this is hardly adequate. The technical support team… Read full review
Bloody slow line speed, constantly between .8mbps - 2.2mbps, shocking customer and technical support, been on hold now to talk to a technician for 56 minutes now, waste of time they will probably tell me to reset my box.......duhhhhh!!!! Technicians… Read full review
The new place i moved in, there was no option for ADSL2+ connection, spent lot of time contacting many different service provider but no one could help. Got to know about VIVID WIRELESS through reference & it resolved all the… Read full review
Vividwireless overall is a great company and provides great services due to the fact that I receive unlimited wi-fi internet connection for a cheap price of only $80 per month. The connection speed is quite good, although it sometimes lags.… Read full review
I have just successfully installed and running the vividwireless 4g internet, and I'm surprised to say the connection is faster than my old adsl2+ from TPG on the same location. I live about 600+meters away from the 4g tower at… Read full review
I have been with Vodafone for a little over 3 years now. I have never had a bad experience because the customer service is always very helpful. They always make sure that I have the best deal possible because they… Read full review
I am super happy with my ISP mobile broadband, I have had some great service and coverage using the Vodaphine Mobile broadband. I have not yet had any difficulties or bad experiences using the service however I found it took… Read full review
I used to be client of Virgin mobile. With them I lose connection after I reach my data limit. Then I moved to Vaya. With Vaya my mobile had problems when I made the calls, I was happy with Vaya… Read full review